Volunteer @ Kilgour



If you can help out during the school day, or in the evening, or on the weekend, etc.; if you can help in September, or December, or March, or May, etc.; if you can help out in school, or from home, etc.; if you want to work with kids, or with spreadsheets, or with power tools, or with community engagement, etc., there is a place for you to help at Kilgour School.


We want you to volunteer and inspire the next generation of Mustangs.

Many Ways to Volunteer

At Kilgour School, there are many ways to volunteer. At school events, in the classroom, behind the scenes, coaching a sport, tutoring- our school has many avenues of involvement.


Kilgour School and/or LSDMC (Local School Decision-Making Committee)

  - get involved directly with school; you can learn the nuts & bolts of school operations and help shape our neighborhood school's policies and priorities.


Kilgour PTA

  - work to benefit the academic enrichment and well-being of our students; join dozens of other parents, teachers, and partners at the intersection of community and school to help support and provide Kilgour's students with the tools and environment to succeed.


Kilgour Sports

  - promote the athletic enrichment of Kilgour's students; help organize Mustangs sports and coach up our students on and off the field.


Kilgour Foundation

  - help plan for Kilgour School's long-term health; work with community partners, alumni, and the school district to ensure the future of our school for the generations of students to come.


Kilgour needs your VOICE, your ENERGY, your IDEAS. Kilgour families come in all shapes & sizes, with diverse backgrounds & experiences, from different lifestyles & neighborhoods. Our School wants and needs volunteers from every family to provide the strength this diversity offers our students. 


Thank you to everyone who volunteers at Kilgour in any capacity- whether at a PTA event, coaching a Sports Team, reading in the classrooms, helping hang art, serving spaghetti, chaperoning field trips, donating money, contributing supplies.