PTA Information for Teachers


Please find below PTA's Forms & Documents for general financial reimbursement as well as for specific programs & events.




PTA Tax-Exempt Form (pdf)

 If you purchase something with PTA Funds, use this letter to avoid sales tax.


PTA Check Request Form (Online)

The Form you submit for reimbursement. Please consult the List of Accounts for expense category.


List of PTA Accounts (pdf)

 Please consult this list to assign a category to your expense/income receipts. It helps our volunteer Treasurer immensely.


PTA Debit Card Usage Form (Get PTA to Pay) (pdf)

PTA can pay on your behalf, use this Form and send to Please consult the List of Accounts.


Cash/Check Deposit Worksheet (pdf)

Print and include this Form with any cash or check deposits submitted to PTA. Please consult the List of Accounts.




Great Gatherings Planning Form (Online)


Great Gatherings Planning Form (PDF)


Kilgour Elementary Alumni Scholarship Application

(Please share this with High School Seniors who are Kilgour Alumni)